Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant: A Delightful Florida Keys Day Trip

January 19, 2012

Every time we go to Key Largo we make at least one stop at the Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant for lunch or just a drink.

No matter how often we go, I never tire of this beautiful harbor area with its incredible scenery, boats, fresh fish, and its lagoon where several times a week chum is tossed in to attract sharks and tarpons.

Walking over the lagoon to the restaurant. Gombossy photo.

It is a thrill to be outside, soaking up the warmth, and chowing down on Mahi-Mahi, grooper, hogfish, Florida lobster, or crab (all freshly caught) while huge tarpons and sharks battle for food in the lagoon.







And you might run into Gerry “The Dreamweaver” who weaves baskets, hats and animal figures in return for donations.







While the restaurant was spectacular when we were there in January, the shopping experience at the Bass Pro Shops, which actually owns the fish company, was not so hot. At other visits you could buy tropical clothing on sale, but this time the only things on sale were items that were huge or tiny.




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