Pavillions’ Renter Claims Manchester Complex Failed To Provide Adequate Help After Severe Water Damage

June 11, 2011

From Angela Krok

In January our apartment complex, the Pavilions in Manchester, CT, suffered severe water damage in 400+ of its 1000 apartments. It took more than 4 weeks for someone to come LOOK at the damage in our apartment.

We lived with buckets and wet carpet for more than a month, had to chip ice off of the outside of our building on our own to stop water from pouring in. We reported the damage numerous times and our rental office was extremely rude to us, saying there was nothing they could do about it. Everyone else in our complex that was affected we have found were treated the same way.

Management finally got a crew in here and they started working, would come into our apartment whenever they wanted (Sunday’s, 8pm, when we weren’t home, and they never gave any notice). We had no idea when the repairs were going to start, who the company was that was doing the repairs. I would have men knock on my door who didn’t speak English and just barge in; I assumed they were supposed to be there but I had never been notified by management that the repairs were starting. I didn’t mind them coming in late at night or on the weekends because I just wanted the repairs done, but I just asked for some notice that they would be coming so I wouldn’t be in the shower or something and so I could lock my dog up.

They ripped out the drywall and insulation, down to the studs, gave us a commercial size dehumdifier and fans, then didn’t come back for two weeks. They gave us no instructions on what we were supposed to do, just left.

The breakers kept kicking in our apartment so we couldn’t even leave the machines plugged in. We called maintenance but they told us to call the restoration company. We reported this to the front office and they said they couldn’t do anything, to just leave the machines off. Our living room and our bedroom were both affected, so we only had use of our kitchen and spare bedroom. All furniture needed to be moved out of the affected rooms (we had to move the furniture) so we really didn’t have any living space at all.

We have renter’s insurance and could have gone to a hotel during the 4 weeks it took them to make the repairs (we were lucky as we were the first building to be completed, others waited more than 3 months, and to date, I know the repairs are still not complete in some buildings!).

But our insurance company needed some information from our management company about the damages and repairs, and they wouldn’t give it to them! So our insurance company couldn’t guarantee us that if we went to a hotel that the expenses would be covered. We couldn’t afford to foot the bill for a month at a hotel so we were stuck. Thankfully we don’t have kids, but many others affected did!

Then we get to the mold issues. As they started ripping out the insulation and drywall, they exposed lots of mold in many apartments. I don’t know for certain, and our apartment was not affected this way, but I have seen pictures and have heard that they did not clean it properly.

They just painted over it and put in new insulation and went about the rest of the repairs. I do have severe mold allergies and I did end up in the hospital ER on Feb 21. I can only assume it was due to the mold in the ventilation system that is connected in all of the bulidings (our neighbors did have mold).

My husband was also sick and out of work for two weeks with bronchitis and a strange cough that he couldn’t kick until he went and stayed with friends. Someone organized a tenants association meeting to discuss the issues, and we were in one of the common buildings having a meeting and management called the police on us to have us arrested. They said we broke into the buliding, but we didn’t. We had every right to be there as we all pay a $200/year fee to use the common areas!

Now that the damages are repaired, we were told we’d be getting a rental credit for our troubles. Our apartment was affected from Jan 18 – April 12 when the repairs were completed.

We received a notice saying our rental credit was about $500, but they didn’t realize we had two rooms affected, so they adjusted it to $1112.88 (total square footage of the two rooms affected x the number of days we had damage). They asked us to submit our utility bills and said they’d pay the difference (gas and electric bills were so much higher because of running the machines and not having insulation in the middle of winter). They wanted us to submit Dec and Jan bills (to get an average of our usage) and they’d pay us for Feb and March over the average. I said they should be averaging Nov and Dec since Jan was an affected month. They didn’t agree but said they’d ask their corporate office. And now they won’t get back to me.

Also, they didn’t give people a check for the amount of the credit, they just told us to take it off of our rent. So that’s what we did, but then we got a notice that our rent was late! And, our lease was up at that point. We were considering moving, but then we would have lost that credit. Our management company has really dropped the ball here and I’m not sure what to do. I just want them to be accountable. They are very willing to tell me what I want to hear when I go to the office to complain, but they won’t put it in writing.

The assistant manager keeps telling us we got the credit, and I asked her for that in writing, but then she says she can’t, that the manager will get back to us. Then the manager says she has to ask her bosses at corporate. So we just go round and round. I was hoping that someone out there might be able to help us and the hundreds of other residents who are in the same boat we are!


The complaint was also sent to the Ct Attorney General

I have asked the owners of the complex to respond, if and when they do, it will be published in full here.



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  2. Alex on June 12, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    I had the “luck” to live the same thing at The Pavilions and deal with their unresponsive management regarding these issues, or any issue, for that matter. The only thing that finally worked regarding getting anything in our apartment fixed was contacting the CEO directly by email. This is the contact information:
    Steven P. Rosenthal
    Chief Executive Officer
    Northland Investment Corporation
    2150 Washington Street
    Newton, MA 02462
    P: 617.630.7250
    F: 617.630.7201

    I also took a lot of pictures to make sure I had everything documented, and kept all communications with them in writing (dealing directly with Corporate, since their local manager doesn’t seem to have any decision making power).

    Our story was pretty similar, leaks in the living room and one bedroom, mold, also me and my husband got very sick and he ended in the ER after passing out due to a really high fever. They did move us to a hotel after that at their expense, but I did have to ask for it, after almost having a nervous breakdown on the phone with the manager after coming back from the hospital…

    We finally asked them to let us break our lease early and give them just a 30 day notice, without incurring in the normal penalties that they charge for breaking a lease early, and they accepted that, so we moved out by end of February, didn’t want to have anything to do with them ever again. But again, we had to ask for this, and talk directly to Corporate, since trying to fix any issue with their local manager always went nowhere.

  3. Joe on June 22, 2011 at 4:24 am

    I lived there from May 2009-May 2010. It was one of the most poorly run complexes I’ve ever lived in. In September 2009 the office had a “glitch” with their “check processing machine” and all the money from checking account mysteriously disappeared to a charge from the pavillions. It took over a month to recover my money, and many many phone calls to corporate Northland. The management at The Pavillions is TERRIBLE. I feel so bad for everyone that experienced the damage this winter. I can only imagine what it was like dealing with that. I also got the Attorney General involved, and the launched an investigation into the situation. As soon as the Attorney General sent a letter to Northland saying they wanted answers, all my money plush a month’s rent was put back into my checking account. At the end of it all, I never received a true written answer as to what the issue was that caused my money to disappear.

  4. George Gombossy on June 29, 2011 at 9:31 am

    From Angela
    They did finally get back to me about the rental credit but it was $60 less than I thought it should be. In the end I have squared up with them and just want to be done with this place. It’s not worth arguing with them any longer on it. I know that’s what they were hoping for and it’s frustrating but I am looking at this as a lesson learned. Thanks for your help!


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